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St Peter's and Blessed Mary - May and June

Thank you for taking a moment to read about what is happening here at St Peter's and Blessed Mary.

As we enter May and June, we are very pleased to say that we are re-starting more of our groups, activities and services in person, and we are looking forward to welcoming everyone!

A full list of our services is outlined below.

To join in online, please go to the St Peter's Facebook Page Facebook pageor YouTube Channel or YouTube which can also be accessed via our website www.stpetersbw.org

With my prayers

Revd James

If you are wondering about all that has happened over the last year, and how it might be good to look forwards as life it begins to open up, you would be welcome to read and use the following resources:

A New Start....

How to journey well...

How am I doing?

How can I ruthlessly eliminate hurry?

Sunday at St Peter's

Sunday 27th June 11am - a joint benefice service (at Blessed Mary) with BYO picnic lunch afterwards

Sunday at 8am: 2nd, 16th, 30th May and 6th, 20th June 
A Traditional BCP Service
Revd James 07570-042916 jameshunt1966@gmail.com

Sunday at 9am: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th May and 6th, 13th 20th
A Classical Service (also via you tube/face book)
Revd James 07570-042916 jameshunt1966@gmail.com

The Communion Service sheet for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Sundays can be found here: Easter to Pentecost (BW) Thorne-InPersonOnline-13Apr21

The Morning Worship Service sheet for the 4th Sunday can be found here: Morning Worship-InPersonOnline-21Apr21.docx

Sunday at 10:30am: 2nd, 16th May and 6th, 20th June
A Contemporary Service for all especially families (Sunday Club 10:30-11:30am)
Revd James 07570-042916 jameshunt1966@gmail.com  or Emma Andersen 07786-553146 emma@simply-flowers.org

Way Groups
A time in small groups meeting at various time to explore the Christian journey
Revd James 07570-042916 jameshunt1966@gmail.com

Sunday at Blessed Mary

Sunday 27th June 11am - a joint benefice service (at Blessed Mary) with BYO picnic lunch afterwards

Sunday at 11am: 2nd, 16th, 23rd May and 6th, 13th 20th
A Village Service: 2nd Family; 4th Informal; 1st and 3rd Classical
Revd James 07570-042916 jameshunt1966@gmail.com

Weekly/Regular at St Peter's and Blessed Mary

Wednesday at 10am: 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th May and 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th June
A Home based midweek service via zoom

Revd Jane Beloe 01489-860452 janiebeloe@btinternet.com

Thursday at 10am:13th, 20th, 27th May and 17th, 23rd June
A Traditional BCP service

Celia Morant celiajmorant@gmail.com

Messy Church at 3:30pm:17th May and 21st June
An Informal time for all ages via you tube/face book (3rd Mondays)
Katie Harrison 07825-679746 stpbm.fcy.katie@gmail.com

Sunday at 5:30pm:9 May and 13 June
A Traditional Evensong service (2nd Sunday)
Revd Jane Beloe 01489-860452 janiebeloe@btinternet.com


Prayer Groups

Start the Day: 9am Mon-Fri via Facebook page or YouTube  - Revd James jameshunt1966@gmail.com

Pause to Pray: 8am Thu via Zoom - Wendy Cooper wendy@barafundle.plus.com

Morning Prayer: 8:45am Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri - Wendy Cooper wendy@barafundle.plus.com

Prayer and Meditation: 8-8:45pm Wed via Zoom and Facebook page or YouTube - Revd Moray Thomas moraythomas@btinternet.com

Prayer Group: 6pm Tues and Weds This is a face book prayer group to connect with each other and God in a more informal way
Emmie Kerby emma.kerby@hotmail.com 07940323483
Emma Andersen emma-simply@flowers.org 01489-890291

Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals: Weddings, Funerals and Baptisms can take place but with limitations:

-for Weddings and Funerals, please contact Sam Sessions bwuoffice@tiscali.co.uk 01489 892197

-for Baptisms please contact Liz Webb ejw1557@gmail.com 01489 891760

Support and Help: please contact Di Hunt and Liz Webb at: stpbm.help@gmail.com or 01489 892 618


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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We are based in the heart of the small town of Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire, in the UK.

Stables Parish Centre,
Maypole Green
Free Street
Bishops Waltham
SO32 1PW

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Tuesday - Thursday: 9am-1pm
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Telephone: 01489 892197

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