Inter-Diocesan West African Link

Deanery Link with Diocese of Wiawso (Ghana)

The Inter-Diocesan West African Link was first established in Portsmouth in 1978, and reaffirmed in 2002.

The link was established for the following purposes:-

  • Links primarily about building relationships, mutual support, sharing experience
  • Develop deanery to diocese links
  • Encouragement of visits to/from West Africa
  • Support St. Nicholas Seminary Cape Coast
  • To encourage support of the Spiritual Renewal and Retreat Centre in Kumasi

There have been:-

  • Visits to West Africa by Deanery groups
  • Parish to parish & school to school links
  • Parish visits from UK
  • Deanery and Cathedral support for specific project
  • Visitors from West Africa
  • Exchanges with St. Nicholas Seminary
  • Financial support to St. Nicholas Seminary
  • Emergency help for Flood Relief in Tamale
  • Diocesan Library ‘exported’ to Ghana 2010

The Deanery link was established following a visit to Wiawso in September/October 2009.  In particular, St Peter’s Bishop’s Waltham and Blessed Mary Upham were linked with St. Mark’s Subiri (+ 5 outstations).

See also: http://www.slideserve.com/salaam/the-inter-diocesan-west-africa-link