“Water is life, sanitation is dignity”

WATSAN is a UK charity dedicated to the support of a water and sanitation programme in South West Uganda. Thanks to WATSAN’s work, people in rural communities have access to life-saving clean water and hygienic toilet facilities.

The programme is managed by the Anglican Dioceses of North Kigezi and Kinkiizi.  Their Ugandan arm is known as NKKD WATSAN. The project contributes directly to the achievement of the UN water and sanitation Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission

NKKD WATSAN works in partnership with other stakeholders in the improvement of health, alleviation of poverty, and promotion of social and economic development in the Rukungiri and Kanungu districts of South West Uganda, through integrated, comprehensive and sustainable initiatives, focused on the improvement of water supplies, sanitation facilities and safe hygiene practices.

The vision

NKKD WATSAN strives to transform the poorest communities through the accessible provision of safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene education, setting the highest standards in transparency, sustainability and working in partnership.

The values

NKKD WATSAN believes that accessible safe water, improved sanitation and hygiene education should be available to all, and seeks to embody the Christian values of compassion, fairness, integrity and trustworthiness. They seek to work in partnership for the common good, and to lead by the example of Christ.

To find out more, visit: https://watsanuganda.org/