Out with the Old and in with the New

As we have entered into the New Year we often look forward to the year to come and spend time reflecting on the past year. We make promises to do better this year, to achieve more and to gain more. The pressure on society to keep up, to achieve and to strive to be the best is a hot topic. It seems that we are unable to avoid it and for our young people it is even harder to avoid. This instant age means that waiting has been reduced and everything is at the touch of a button. We have spent the whole of December waiting for the 25th, counting down the days and planning our individual ideas of the perfect Christmas. So we know that we can wait, but waiting can make us impatient, like with Christmas we can get lost in the run up and become impatient just wanting for the 25th to be here as soon as possible! We often lose the truth of the day amongst the presents, the wrapping and the big roast dinner! It is not surprising that the idea of a child born 2000 years ago seems a bit out dated compared to the latest technology and fashion amongst our young people. We take a small amount of time to look back at this time of year but we spend most of our time looking forward to the next, the release date of the next upgrade, to the next goal, the next birthday. So why would a man who was born 2000 years ago be relevant today? Well, the bible tells us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever and recently this has become very apparent to me.

When working with young people it is interesting to see their reaction when we turn to the Bible to help us with everyday challenges, anxiety, image, self worth, sex, money, giving and generosity. Suddenly this ancient news becomes something of interest and relevance to our young people today and the discovery that actually there is a lot of advice, comfort and guidance that can come from developing a relationship with God. However, as part of my job as a Youth Coordinator, it is important for these young people to develop this relationship and that although God stays the same through all this, actually, change in the Church is not a bad thing. God will always stay the same but in order for young people to see the relevance in God in their daily lives then we must think of new ways to be able to engage with them. Over the coming year it is my chance to reflect on the past year and to look to the future, to progress new projects that will reach a whole wide range and age of people, so that this 2000 year old man can hold significance and relevance in the lives of people today. After all, he was born a saviour and died for our forgiveness so that even as we are now in 2017 Christ may still be a hope and guidance for our lives.

A very Happy New Year to you all.

Lizzie Davidson

St Peter’s and Blessed Mary Youth Co-ordinator

1st January 2017

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