Life is coming back

How are you feeling about life at the moment and about the next few weeks and months?

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling tentative one moment, confident the next and then back to being tentative again….and round and round I go! The truth is I think, that is going to take time for us all to get back to living life more normally because we have been ‘conditioned’ to be around our homes over the last year, and to ‘act cautiously’ when out in public. So, it is going to take some time to change direction, and each of us are in a very different place in what we feel is right do. It is going to be a time over this rest of this year to love, care and help each on each of our roads to recovery.

As I write this comment the Indian variant is currently a worry, which by the time you read this, might be much more of a problem (but I do hope better) although even if better, there is the worry that another variant will be just around the corner.

Like you I am really looking forward to getting back some better life in seeing ‘Family and Friends’, enjoying ‘Holidays and Trips Away’, getting back to more ‘Regular Work’, and spending time in doing my ‘Activities and Interests’. But how can we find life if these things might not be possible as we hope over the summer, over the rest of the year or at any point in the future? Where can real life be found whether life is going well or not so well?

In this respect I love the words that Jesus said about having life whatever our circumstances: “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” John 10v10. This promise of Jesus tells us that life is to be found not ultimately in what we do (or for that matter that life can’t be found if we can’t do something) but is found ultimately in God and knowing him. And how can we find life in God?

One thing that I am finding really helpful at the moment and you can too, is watching The CHOSEN film series which is a dramatic retelling of the life of Jesus and the stories about him. They are really well produced, really bring alive what Jesus was like and how people came to know life in him. I can promise you that if you might find time to watch your life will never be the same again – you will experience who Jesus really was and what it means to find life. This can say that this really is a box set to watch from beginning to end and that is better than anything on Netflix, Amazon or the BBC/ITV/C4!

The CHOSEN was originally on You Tube but is now available for free via the App Store or other app downloading platform. If you can connect via your TV that would be good as it will give you a much better experience than just watching on your phone, ipad or laptop/desktop.

So, whatever else you do over the summer, I really do hope you will be able to find time to watch

The CHOSEN. For more information do visit their website:

With my prayers for June

Revd James Hunt – Rector St Peter’s Bishop’s Waltham with Blessed Mary, Upham

19th May 2021

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