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One of things that I love about St Peters and Blessed Mary, is what active churches they are in so many ways including our weekly services, festival activities and of course special events. It is good to be active and busy, but I don’t know about you, sometimes it is good to also go a bit slower, with a bit less ‘doing’ for God and maybe a bit more ‘being’ with God. Jesus once said to one of his disciples Martha (who had been rushing around getting things ready for a meal and complaining her sister Mary wasn’t helping….but just sitting at Jesus’ feet listening!): “Martha you are worried about many things, but only one thing is needed. Mary has chosen what is better and it will not be take away from her.”

So how can St Peter’s and Blessed Mary to help with a bit more ‘sitting and being’? Well our churches and church yards are always open during the day and you are always welcome to come to maybe spend a little time in quietness and reflection and maybe to say a little prayer for yourself, a loved one, or the world and
all its needs – and our country and world does need our prayers at the moment. In the frantic pace of life and all our concerns, what St Peter’s and Blessed Mary can offer is not always business, but some space and time with yourself and God, at least for a few minutes……and you would be welcome at any time.

How do you ‘be’ and maybe pray? You might find sitting quietly helpful, or maybe reading something from one of our church bibles; or using some of the prayers from our prayer corner (by the small communion table in each church); or why not go for walk around our beautiful churchyards and end up by sitting on one of the benches and then just simply thanking God for creating the view, which is a great prayer to say!

So, most of the time our lives are busy, but can I encourage you, as I encourage myself, to try to do a bit more ‘being and praying’ in the coming months. Finally, just to say If you would like to talk with someone from St Peter and Blessed Mary, why not drop into our new ‘tea and toast’ on a Tuesday morning.

With my prayers for July

James – Rector of St Peters with Blessed Mary

15th July 2017

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