It is vital that prayer upholds every activity of the church. As well as regular prayer in all our services, there are a wide variety of opportunities to join in corporate and personal prayer and we would be delighted if you could join us.


Start the Day: 9am Mon-Fri via Facebook page or YouTube  - Revd James

Pause to Pray: 8am Thu via Zoom - Wendy Cooper

Morning Prayer: 8:45am Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri - Wendy Cooper

Prayer and Meditation: 8-8:45pm Wed via Zoom and Facebook page or YouTube - Revd Moray Thomas


All our House Groups have times of informal open prayer at their meetings.

For anyone in need of prayer, members of the Prayer Team are available at our main services, otherwise please do speak with a member of the clergy.

There is also the opportunity to make requests for prayer in written form, either for public intercession or to be placed in our confidential Book of Requests for Prayer.

Personal Daily Prayer is a daily pattern for many (a daily prayer diary is available to pray for events, groups, activities and places people live and Prayer Partners (in 2's or 3's) are found by many to be a good way to encourage each other in prayer when it is sometime hard on our own.

Finally, 2 or 3 times a year we have 24/7 prayer initiatives in the church with prayer stations to engage with God in a variety of ways. These normally happen over a few days, weekend or 24 hour period.